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   iTaf is a simple and easy to use alarm clock working with iTunes.
Do not install/use start up item module on Snow Leopard this causes a power management issue here is the steps to solve it if you've installed the module.

  • Set reminders, countdowns, and alarms within iTunes.
  • Wake or Start the computer upon alarm.
  • Enhanced alarm options such as volume's fade in and out, days off manager, etc...
  • iTunes specific options such as repeat, shuffle and visuals effects, etc...
  • Improved International localizations : English, French, Italian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese.
  • iTaf is Universal Binary.

iTaf 2.2.3 :

    News of 2.2.3
  • Add Norwegian translation (Thanks to Simen Aune)
    News of 2.2.1
  • Add Traditional Chinese translation (Thanks to Ayee : homepage.mac)
    News of 2.2
  • Add days off manager to automatically turns off the alarm when it's a public holiday for example.
  • Add skip next alarm function.
  • Improve alarms options.
  • Add save alarm as default function.
  • Add Italian translation (Thanks to Claudio :
  • Add Dutch translation (Thanks to Björn Pius)
  • Add a complete iTaf's documentation and User Manual.
  • Fix minors bugs.
  • Daemon is now called Startup Item.

Download iTaf 1.1 (Mac OS 10.2 & 10.3)
More information here :

iTaf Project :

Projet Summary
iTaf project pages at sourceforge.

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Report a bug.

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Users are free to give or not donation to iTaf developer.
nb : A percent of donations amount is given to Source Forge staff.

Requirement :

Mac OS 10.4 at least

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